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specialized in the SME and start-up industry. Another part of our service is to help existing companies to find investors and partners. You want to Sell company and are looking for a suitable successor? You would like to find a suitable Buy company to become self-employed or to expand your existing expand your business? Then we are your contact.

We also support start-up Company  in the establishment and expansion at home and abroad. For people who want to take the first step into entrepreneurship, we offer comprehensive advice to help them get started. Making entrepreneurship successful.

Our aim is to promote entrepreneurship and the preservation and continuation of successful SMEs in Switzerland. A company is an emotional matter and we try to do justice to that.

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E-vehicles rental and trading business with 2 stores

Scalable business model

Car garage with brand representation and real estate ownership

The car garage is a long-established and well-known brand in the region. Within a radius of 40 km the only representation of the brand in question with a very interesting potential for expansion. It is two joint-stock companies, one in the operational business and a real estate company that holds the real estate. There are two showrooms, a gas station, car wash and a sales place in the property. The equipment is up to date, the company has won several awards.

In addition, there is a possibility to build the two attic apartments and a mixed residential and commercial building.

For detailed information, we look forward to hearing from you.

Beauty cosmetics

Beauty salon with very good reputation and potential for expansion in the field of cosmetics.

with license for territorial protection of an international trademark

Assembly company for garage systems

One-man company with very good reputation and expansion potential in the field of garage systems.

Installation company for windows and doors

One-man company for windows and doors. The company is owner-managed and has a great potential for expansion.

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