Are you looking for an investment in an existing and successful company, either as a passive investor or as an active partner?
We support you in your search for a suitable company in Germany and abroad, which meets your criteria. Due to our activity it is very likely that there is already a suitable company in our client portfolio. Through extensive cooperation in Switzerland and abroad, we can offer you a wide range of companies, even if they do not belong to our direct clientele.

  • First we evaluate with you your interest and criteria as well as the budget for participation. 
  • Second we look for suitable companies and evaluate the company or the respective share value of the company in question. 
  • Third we go through the proposed companies with you and arrange a personal appointment with the companies in question. We accompany and support you during the price negotiations. 
  • Fourth we prepare all councils and agreements until the satisfaction of all parties and arrange a notary for the notarization of the contracts.

Are you looking for a lucrative investment opportunity?

We will find the right project for you.

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